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Our Bri On Brows Slanted Precision Tweezers are made from stainless steel have a matte black finish. These professional-quality tweezers allow you to achieve a crisp, precise brow shaping by helping you to tweeze even fine brow hairs effortlessly all while maintaining their tension. Our slanted tweezers have a built in comb that the base that allows you to tame your brows as you tweeze them. It is essential to any makeup kit.

The Bri On Brows Scissors are made of matte black stainless steel. These professional-quality scissors have blades that are slightly curved to help you follow the shape of your brows and make sharp cuts, leaving you with well-manicured brows.  

Bri On Brows Razor is the perfect addition to our Essential Kit. This high-quality stainless steel razor allows you to quickly remove both coarse and fine hairs from your brows and surrounding areas. The razor head folds away for safe storage in your makeup bags.  BONUS: this razor can also be used to remove both facial hair and peach fuzz, leaving your skin smooth for your makeup application.